About us

Risk Elements Australia provides the crucial expertise for all safety and risk related matters, this includes but is not limited to; Safety, Risk, Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injuries, HACCP, Auditing, Drug and Alcohol programs, Incident Investigations, Security Services, Personal and Business Insurance Consulting along with Commercial Legal matters.

Risk Elements Australia was established to provide a “One Stop Shop” for business risk. With over 15 years’ experience, operating at the commercial forefront of this profession, we deliver innovative and intuitive best practice methodologies which are not only cost effective but designed for ‘stress free’ implementation.

With Safety being the corner stone of our business, we have become experts at customising our approach. We pride ourselves on being able to work in synergy with your business to implement and foster a safety culture that not only improves safety but also the commercial effectiveness of your business.

Our business can cater for simple to complex approaches depending on your desired outcome.